You can’t “beet” cupcakes! *see what I did there…*

IMG_0481BEETS!!!! We have them growing out of our ears this year! Ok, slight exaggeration…. but we have A LOT of them. I’m not a huge lover of beets. I lived in Israel for a year in college and it ruined me concerning beets. They taste SO GOOD there! So sweet and light tasting, here a lot of times they taste like dirt. But as one who was raised not to waste, I didn’t want our bountiful beets to end up in the compost pile. So I found myself in the black hole that is Pinterest trying to find recipes that would mask the “American beet” taste. And I found a winner!

IMG_0483Paleo Red Velvet cupcakes ! Colored with you guessed it….. BEETS!

Who doesn’t love a good cupcake?!

They were surprisingly easy to make and kinda like a magic trick…. you put beets in ,but you get a scrumptious cupcake that tastes sweet and chocolatey and not a thing like beets! See…. MAGIC!

Top these puppies with my homemade coconut milk “frosting” and prepare for a party in your mouth!!


-1 can of Full fat organic coconut milk ( I put mine in the fridge for a day or two, this makes separating the cream from the liquid a TON easier!) Must be full fat, light does not work well for this recipe.

-Pure vanilla extract to taste

-Honey or pure maple syrup to taste

Instructions: Separate the coconut milk cream and put in a small mixing bowl. (it is important not to get ANY liquid as this will make your cream harder to “fluff”)

Using either a hand mixer or a kitchen aid, beat the cream until thick and fluffy! Add in 1/4 tsp of vanilla at a time , as well as 1 tsp of honey. Beat together, taste and adjust as needed.

J and I love to add coconut to EVERYTHING, so we sprinkled some organic unsweetened coconut on top of our cupcakes. SO GOOD.



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