Pumpkin season is here!

Pumpkin Season Fall is upon us! Finally!  I personally love Fall, maybe it's because I grew up in Northern Maine and it's the prettiest place on the planet this time of year. But either way.....I love all things fall. The main thing being..... PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!! Now let's get something straight here... I'm not one of … Continue reading Pumpkin season is here!


27 Weeks, 30th Birthdays , and super chill Sundays

  This weekend was one of those weekends that start off in CRAZY-TOWN, and finish super chill and relaxing. Saturday I threw J a big ol' party to celebrate him turning into an old man 30. It was a great evening spent with family and a few close friends! ( And in true pregnancy brain … Continue reading 27 Weeks, 30th Birthdays , and super chill Sundays