Better late than never…. right!?

So I started this blog a few months ago to chronicle my life…. and I suck at it. Hello blog post # 3! You see, one of the main things I wanted to write about was what it’s like being a pregnant amputee. I wanted to give people a place to go where they could relate to someone like them, going through a similar situation. And I suck at it. “Why”? You may ask….


well I am 6 months pregnant and haven’t written ONE blog post about what it’s like being a pregnant amputee! *It’s quite comical actually… * But I have decided that it’s better late than never.. right!?

Last year when My husband J and I were talking about starting a family, I started doing research online. Disclaimer: The internet is a SCARY place and I don’t know why we continue to look on it for advice! 

I was looking for information about  what pregnancy would be like as an amputee, you know… to “prepare” myself. HA!  I found VERY little information, and what I did find was not encouraging at all. It made me terrified and ready to call our family complete with me, J and the dog! Mostly what I found was either people saying I would be “just fine” * not helpful! OR people saying how they were wheelchair bound because there leg was so swollen, or they had all these extra issues and pains. * Also, not helpful

I want to give people a “non-scary” place to go to for information and support. Hence this blog. So for the remainder of my pregnancy , I vow to write about it in hopes that my experience can help even one person during theirs. Because being pregnant With or without all your appendages , brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “Just take one day at a time”


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