26 Weeks!!!

Alright folks hang on to your hats, because we are going to go through 26 weeks of pregnancy in WARP SPEED!

And here we go!

People take a pregnancy test to find out if their symptoms mean they  are pregnant ( DUH!)…. me, I took one because my dog was out of the blue snuggling hard core with my belly ……!  (Yup! my fur son new I was preggo before me!)

I told J the good news by having him come home from work for lunch (I claimed I was  “so sick’) and when he walked in the door he was greeted by scout wearing a t-shirt that said ” Daddy, rub my belly” ,and his belly read “Mommy’s having a baby!!!” Needless to say, J was SHOCKED and asked me about 50 times if I was being serious! haha I assured him that this was not a joke! (we’ve been married since 2008 and have wanted kiddos for a LONG time!)


Me at 18 weeks.

I felt great at this point and was eating everything in sight! Then BAM! Around week 8, morning sickness hit me like a MAC truck flying down the autobahn! Food became the bane of my existence, I could no longer look at a fruit or veggie. And meat… woah! the thought of meat made me want to hurl! I learned that “morning sickness” is a cruel and miss leading phrase. It lasts all day folks! ALL FLIPPING DAY! I started waddling very early! haha I think with everything moving and loosing up my balance on my prosthetic became a bit unique.

My first trimester was a bit rough with being so sick, and the exhaustion caused me to have a lot of my seizure episodes. Needless to say I was quite stoked when the second trimester rolled around and food sounded tasty again!

The second trimester didn’t come with “magical energy” , but I have been feeling quite great! J and I wrote a “Baby Bucket List” full of places we wanted to go, and adventures to have before the baby comes. It has been a blast to check things off and have this time with him! We found out we are having… a BOY!


21 Weeks. Backpacking trip to the Blue Lakes in Telluride,Colorado

I am quickly approaching my third trimester, and I won’t lie… I’m freaking out a bit! In just a matter of a few more months, this little boy will be out and in the world! I’m crazy excited, but nervous!! (which from what I hear.. is normal)

I have loved being being pregnant so far,*even with the morning sickness,aches and pains, and seizures* feeling the little dude kick and move around is crazy awesome, and watching my belly grow has been pretty cool. ( I don’t enjoy gaining weight… haha but I do like knowing that it’s because i’m growing a human!)

I have learned that as an amputee I can take information and advice from friends and books about pregnancy, but I also have to realize that everyones journey is different…. and mine will most definitely be different! If your an amputee, my biggest advice to you is to talk with your prosthetist right from the get go. As you gain weight in pregnancy, your leg will become tighter and tighter. ( Since we have that “awesome” 5 lb window) This can result in your leg no longer fitting. But have no fear my friend! There are some great options out there for pregnant amputees! (I will be covering this more in a future post) I am currently up in weight by 19 lbs and my prosthetic is holding strong! Praise the Lord!

Alright friends, you can now catch your breath! We are caught up! Woop! Woop!

Psalm 139:14  I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


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