Pumpkin season is here!

Pumpkin Season Fall is upon us! Finally!  I personally love Fall, maybe it’s because I grew up in Northern Maine and it’s the prettiest place on the planet this time of year. But either way…..I love all things fall. The main thing being….. PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!! Now let’s get something straight here… I’m not one of those crazy people that think pumpkin should only come out in the fall. I think it needs to be cooked with all year long! AND…. I believe it should be used in abundance in the Fall ; ) *Of course*

So on this fall like day here in Colorado, I have a delicious and re-donkulously easy Fall / anytime of the year pumpkin recipe. Make this for dinner!!! Yes, that was a command! 


This Pumpkin Chili is crazy easy to make and insanely tasty!!!

* I made a few changes.

1.) I like to use Full fat organic canned coconut milk *I use This Brand (You can find it for cheap at Trader Joe’s sometimes!)

2.) Add 3/4 cup of organic frozen corn during the last 5 minutes of cooking. So GOOD!

Pair the chili with these bad boys and BAM! You have a flipping delicious and crazy easy meal that looks and tastes like you were slaving for hours!

oh! If your feeling extra sassy… Make these paleo pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

You can never have too much pumpkin!



2 thoughts on “Pumpkin season is here!

  1. Aww Thanks Ash! J and I rarely have leftovers with those!! A little honey… mmmmm! I also discovered that if you stuff a piece of chocolate in one while it’s hot… O.MY.WORD!! So good!!!


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