Lazy mornings and a D.I.Y.


Almond Tea,my best buddy, and cat slippers…. doesn’t get more chill than that!

I have been SOOOO exhausted these last few days and find it takes me forever to get going in the morning! So… today I embraced the lazy! It’s so “fall” like out today and I figured I should enjoy these lazy days while I have them! Am I right!? So scout and I chilled in Lil Beasty’s room and watched Netflix. (He LOVES his little brothers room! It’s so stinking cute! I’ll be looking for him, only to find him curled up on the rug in front of the crib… so precious!)

Alright friends, I’ve got a crazy easy and beyond cute DIY for you on this self proclaimed “Lazy Day”

** I feel like this should be a national holiday**

Even if you claim to not possess even a single creativity bone…. I promise you can handle this project!


These bad boys seem to be EVERYWHERE these days! * Here and Here

I LOVE these hair ties / headbands! They don’t snag your hair, and they look cute on your wrist!

* BONUS: they don’t cut of your circulation either ; ) *

But they can be crazy expensive!

Yesterday I was cruising through the craft section in Walmart and saw that they sell reams of this elastic for under $3.00! WHAT!? ( This elastic can also be found at any craft store, so the design options are pretty much endless!) So I picked one up and made a ton of these things! IN MINUTES!!!

Here’s the crazy easy steps:


Step 1.) Cut your desired length – If you have thick hair cut a longer strip, short strip for thin hair or for children. For a headband, simply wrap it around your head to measure.


Step 2.) Gather the two ends together


Step 3.) Tie ends into a knot.

See….. insanely easy! And you can make a billion for under $3.00 ( ok… not a billion ,but a lot!) instead of shelling out 4-10 dollars on a few at the store.

So head to the store, spend a few bucks, Make yourself a cup of tea and make a bunch of pretty gifts for all your friends…. and their friends. : ) ***Christmas is coming soon!!!***

Happy “Lazy Day!”


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