3rd trimester, and weekend festivities!

So this post is a day late…. blame it on the weekend! It made me into a sleeping machine! This past weekend was jammed packed with fall fun! I’ve been suffering from major boredom lately due to not being able to work, so this weekend was just what I needed!


We started the fun by heading to our neighborhood Oktoberfest Friday night! A local band ( completely made up of music teachers) played… they were actually quite awesome! *I even got to see the rare happening of my my sweet husband dancing!!* I was to busy shoving caramel apples in my mouth to participate….


Saturday morning we headed to a local Apple Farm ( It’s Dog friendly, so it’s our favorite!) Scout always has a blast! He gets to run free among the apple trees, and all the pumpkins. He may have pee’d on a pumpkin or two… 


Aren’t they the cutest!!??


And…. this is a look I like to call “complete exhaustion!”


After the Apple farm we headed on over to Penrose Apple Day, and met up with some friends to watch the parade!

After this I forgot to take pictures… haha I prefer to live in the moment as it’s happening so taking pictures isn’t my first thought. ( But I realize that will need to change with a new blog, and a baby on the way! )

The weekend continued with a stop back at Oktoberfest for brats and German potato salad *Of course!!* and then we ventured downtown for a Historical Ghost Walk.. which was SO much fun!

It was a jam packed weekend for sure! Anyone else have some fall fun this weekend?

Yesterday started my 3rd trimester! WAH!? Yeah, there was a few moments of panic as that set in…. but i’m getting more and more excited to meet him each time he kicks and hiccups! I’ve started singing to him…. poor kid. But he can’t go anywhere so he’s stuck with my crackling voice whether he likes it or not ; )


28 weeks!     *** No, that is not a pumpkin under my shirt… ***


I will leave you with this gem….. J at 28 weeks.


2 thoughts on “3rd trimester, and weekend festivities!

  1. Yay for awesome weekends! That teacher band is totally just like Glee!! The teachers in the first season start a band, like the guy teachers haha I think they’re called the aca fellas? Anyways, it looks like you had such a great weekend!! I love the picture of you showing off your bump in the pumpkin patch, it’s so cute!! And his pumpkin bump is pretty cool, too 🙂
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants


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