Pregnancy + Working out = Hardest thing ever!


 Scout and I Paddle boarding this past week. *Yeah for warm October days!*   –Waterproof Prosthetic cover: Here

I discovered early on in this pregnancy that my expectations for fitness were ABSURD! My husband and I are active people. We love being outside biking,hiking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, running…. you name it we like it!

Up until 2 1/2 years ago, I was training 6 days a week in hopes of making the US Paralympic Track and Field Team for Rio. I had gone to team trials for London in 2012 but just missed making the team. Working out was literally my life. I got paid to work out,compete and travel. It was awesome! But when my health got wonky with the  seizure episodes I had to “retire”. I didn’t compete anymore, but I had grown to love lifting and running so much that i tried to keep up with a good portion of my training.So in my head I had this idea that I would be running 5k’s while 6 months pregnant and squatting 150 lbs at the gym on the daily. Man was I wrong!


2012 at the U.S. Track and Field Trials for the London Paralympics. 

My first trimester I spent hugging the porcelain throne, and trying not to fall over from the dizziness. I was lucky if I could walk scout a few days a week. Between being sick ,exhausted and working full time I was unable to do anything in my spare time except for sleep.

My second trimester got a wee bit better, I got done my job due to the stress level and it’s effects on mine and the baby’s health and found I had a wee bit more energy. Was I squatting 150lbs or running 5k’s…. NOPE.

J banned me from reading pregnancy fitness blogs because he found me bawling my eyes out.* more than once…. * I was reading these blogs and comparing my experience with theirs.These women were able to work out 6 days a week while having morning sickness! * What are they Superman!?* And here I was barely able to move without feeling dizzy! Ugh!

So I listened to my very smart husband, and I stopped reading them. Instead I starting doing something I should have been doing the whole time…. listening to MY body and doing what I could each day and not beating myself up over what I couldn’t. I started walking scout at a local pond  a few days a week for about a mile to start , and when I felt like I could do a bit more…. I did. I try to go to the gym a few days a week and use the spin bike or elliptical for 30 min doing intervals ( intervals make it WAY more fun and burn calories like crazy!) and if i’m feeling up to it… I lift weights. Much lighter than before… but it makes me feel strong regardless. : ) Gonna need those guns and strong legs for carrying my little guy and all his stuff around! I got a prenatal yoga DVD on amazon that I really love, and J and I like to hike and go Paddle boarding when we can. Are there days that I do nothing because I’m exhausted or not feeling well? YUP! But when I have those days I try not to beat myself up. Resting is just as important to your health sometimes as working out can be!

I believe that working out should be FUN! Whether your preggo or not…. find an activity you enjoy. Hiking, running, biking, lifting, walking or a class at your local gym like yoga or zumba. And if you have to take a day off to rest… it’s A-ok!


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