HELLOoooo, It’s Me.

Woo Wee! This past month has been a baby nesting blur! I had some technical difficulties with the blog, so I took that time and nested like a crazy women. There was  a butt load of cleaning, freezer meal making, Hikes with my boys, EATING, and finishing Lil’ Beasty’s room. * I love you all so much I even included a sneak peak 😉 *

The last few weeks in photo’s….


Hikes with my man Scout. Mostly  been walking and doing yoga these days… no more lifting. WAY to uncomfortable!

SO much snuggle-bugging


J and I went to the Air and Space museum for a date and had a blast! I even made a new friend 😉


Thanksgiving!! I made  a delicious Paleo Pumpkin Pie  * I may have eaten a piece for breakfast a day or two……* 

 My boy’s playing in the snow


A little sneak peek of Lil’ Beasty’s nursery! I can’t wait to show you the finished product!!! I find myself going in there with Scout almost every day, and just standing there smiling and anticipating him being here!


Made these delicious specimens to put in the freezer for snacks after the baby comes. So flipping good!


36 weeks! I am 4 weeks away from meeting our little dude!!! Ahhhhhh!!


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