Christmas Traditions

I LOVE Christmas! I love the traditions, the merriness, and all the yummy cookies ; ) But most of all I love celebrating the birth of Christ! It has been so incredibly cool to be pregnant during this time of year, it has really made me think about what it must have been like for Mary. The excitement and the fears she must have felt!

A few years ago J and I started a family tradition of driving up into the Mts and cutting down our Christmas tree. We hike into the woods and search for sometimes hours looking for the perfect one. It’s one of our favorite days! Scout is always in doggy heaven running through the trees, and man o man does that boy LOVE snow!!


Our drive up into the Mts was a winter wonderland!


Behold The tree!


Our annual family selfie with our Tree! * although you can never actually SEE the tree…..*


Another tradition we started a few years ago was decorating the tree while chowing down on delicious homemade wings! YUM * Now I want wings…*


These guys make my heart SO happy! 


38 weeks and 2 days!! 

I can not wait until this little muffin comes and can be apart of our family traditions!! And I can’t wait to make new ones with him!

What are some of your family Christmas traditions?


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