A New Year, A New Chapter!


Happy 2016 Friends!

I am in complete Awe that a new year is upon us! * Anyone else still in shock that 2015 is OVER!? *

Last year was an roller coaster of ALL the feels! I started the year in a haze of depression and discontentment with my job, and God took my life and changed it all around! I became the manager of the store I was working at. I decided to step out of my comfort zone, and pursue a dream of mine… starting a blog! Hello A-dork-able Daphne! In February God led us to make the hard decision of leaving our church and stepping down as the youth leaders .

In April I found out that after 6 years of marriage…


we were finally  pregnant!!!

This summer we found an incredible church with some of the most amazing people and God began to heal our hurting hearts . In August I started having some health / stress issues that were beginning to put strain on the baby and myself so we made the tough financial decision for me to get done my job.

I got to fly home to Maine to see my family and have an incredible BaBy Q party to celebrate lil’ Beasty!

IMG_0751*I really want some of those brownies!

Fast forward to December… we found out our little guy was breech, and I would need to have a C-section.  And on December 21, the incredible arrival of our little man!


Meet Asher William. The love of our lives.

                                             * Stay tuned for Asher’s Birth story!*

I am always amazed how God can take some pretty crappy situations  and times in our lives and make them into something beautiful in His timing. 2015 had a rough beginning and some unexpected twists and turns but God took those things that seemed hard and even impossible and made them into something amazing! I can’t wait to begin this year as a family of 4         ( can’t forget scout!) and see what God has planned for us!


Happy New Years from all of us!


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