Don’t forget to smile







Oh how I love this little boy! Being a mom is one of the hardest “jobs” I have ever done.       ( Thats including my stint as a waitress at a truck stop….) There are days where I am so overwhelmed, discouraged, and feeling so lonely that I get in such a funk.

But … I wouldn’t trade being his mom for the world.

I can be having the worst day and this little boy will look at me with that big ol’ smile, and I can’t help but smile back. He reminds me that happiness comes from all sorts of things and places, that sometimes we have to look for it and sometimes it’s right in front of our faces!

I have been struggling so much lately with feeling inadequate as a mom and feeling ,well, just plain BLAH! So I have been trying to find happiness in the day to day things. To make my own happiness. This past weekend was just what my heart needed. Some time in the sunshine with my boys!


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