Some Things I’m Loving.


Dasani Sparkling Water // elf Clear Mascara // Happy Drops // Homemade Primer-Setting spray // STANCE Socks

A few things I am LOVING lately! Necessities for the daily mom hustle 🙂

Dasani Sparkling Water- SO. GOOD!! I’ve never been a pop drinker… water has always been my jam.But sometimes you need a little change. I recently completed my second round of The Whole30, and fell in love with these gems! (The Black Cherry reminds me of Dr. Pepper! YUM!)

elf Clear Mascara- Every mom needs this! HELLO baby hairs!!! (Anyone else have crazy post pregnancy hair!?) Not only is this great for eyelashes and setting eyebrows…. But this magical stuff tames down my crazy baby hairs! *Your Welcome!*

Happy Drops- I swear this stuff has to made out of Unicorn tears! It’s THAT magical! Helps calm a Momma down!

Homemade Primer/ Setting Spray- I recently found this Recipe online, and I LOVE it! It’s not only easy to make… and CHEAP, but it’s also natural and good for your skin! A winner in my book on all accounts!

STANCE Socks-  I bought a pair of these for J for Christmas and he deemed them “Amazing” and asked me to pick him up some more. So when I found some women’s ones I had to try them myself! He wasn’t kidding! They are so comfy!


Can’t forget a few things for the littles…


Plum Mashups // Munchkin Stainless Steel Snack Cup // Happy Baby Superfood Puffs

Plum Mashups- Asher is teething HARDCORE right now! I mean … Teeth and molars galore! So chewing is out of the question! only soft things for the poor kid. He is loving these! And with no added sugar or strange ingredients… these are great to keep on hand!

Munchkin Stainless Steel Snack Cup- This little cup is the BOMB.COM! It allows Asher to be independent and feed himself… while ensuring that the dog does not get ALL of food! It’s also great for snacking in the car or on the go!

Happy Baby Superfood Puffs- Another teething must! Plus… mom and dad enjoy them too 😉

What are some things you are loving right now?


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