Pictures from the weekend.


I Love me some lazy mornings! Jeff left really early saturday morning to do some bike riding in the Springs, so Asher and I just chilled at home.


We took a little trip to a nearby town for Blossom Fest, So much fun! ( I actually have ZERO idea why it is called “Blossom Fest” …. I didn’t see any blossoms. Just saying. ) The parade was one of best small town parades I have EVER seen! And I grew up in a small town with a KILLER 4th or July parade…  . There were a bunch of marching bands from all over Colorado competing in the parade and while I’m not one for marching bands… they were good! Each one that passed by had Asher’s complete attention! As a little music lover, this kid was in HEAVEN!


UGH! I love these two! * Notice how Asher is holding on? ; )  *


Asher found this fountain while he was exploring, and had a ball! He figured out how to manipulate the water fountains to get himself (and others…) wet. He was grinning from ear to ear and full of giggles! It was  the cutest thing ever and did this momma’s heart some good.




That face! haha!

He passed out on the way home.

We spent Sunday at church, and recovering from our fun the day before.

Does anyone else wish the weekend was longer!?


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