San Francisco – Travel Diary



For my 30th Birthday, Jeff surprised me with a weekend trip to San Francisco to visit my cousin and her husband! ( And the best husband award goes to……) When we arrived, my cousin surprised me by flying my nana in from Canada! It was a whirlwind trip of epic proportions and it’s safe to say that we fell a little in love with SF.

I’ve compiled a list of the must see places we visited, as well as some yummy places to eat!

  •  Ferry Terminal


 A great view of The Bay Bridge and SO many amazing little bakeries and Restaurants to choose from, well as the Farmers Market. The winner in my book was Mariposa Baking Company! Everything is gluten-free and a lot of Dairy free options as well. ( Get the cinnamon roll… It’s HEAVENLY!

  • SF Cable carIMG_3409.JPGTotally a “touristy” thing to do… but I highly recommend it! SO fun! And you HAVE to get an outside spot so you can hang off the side! ; ) 18198993_1704452922898526_3153304305240380228_nAlso, A little insider tip from my cousin… Don’t get in the insanely long line at the bottom of the hill… walk up a hill or two and jump on from there! 
  • Pier 39 and Fisherman’s WharfIMG_3500.JPGSea Lions at Pier 39 ! need I say more!?                                                                  Fisherman’s wharf is EXTREMELY touristy… but if you’re looking for cheap and fresh seafood… there are a million stalls to choose from! I hear the fresh chowder in a bread bowl is insanely yummy! And make sure to stop at Boudin Bakery Cafe for their famous sour dough bread! ( And get a loaf shaped like an animal!!)


  • Dolores Park


There are not a lot of “wide open spaces” in SF… so if you’re looking for a fun play park and some grass for the kiddos and pups to run around… Dolores park is perfect! We went on the first sunny/warm day of the year… I thought there was a concert going on because there was at least a thousand people there, just hanging out! My mind was BLOWN!

And while you’re in the Mission, stop by Sidewalk Juice! THE BEST Acai bowl I have EVER had! 

  • The Painted LadiesIMG_3553.JPGLet me say this… I was disappointed when I rounded the corner and saw them. I’m not sure exactly WHAT I was expecting, but it was a let down. HOWEVER, if you grew up watching Full House… and you’re in SF, then it’s worth a quick stop and picture. Just don’t expect to be WOWED! 


  •  The Palace of Fine Arts

IMG_3559.JPGThis place is incredible! And insanely beautiful!


  • Golden Gate Park IMG_3589.JPGThis place is HUGE and full of gorgeous places to sit and enjoy nature, as well as various gardens and walking paths! On certain days, they shut down the road through the park so bikers, runners and walkers can have the road! We didn’t get to spend much time here , but I want to return and explore!


  • Cliff House, Sutro Baths and Ocean BeachIMG_3606.JPGIMG_3619.JPGI could have spent ALL day here!  Poor Asher was NOT happy when we left… I was a little sad too ; ) But we were headed across the bridge!


  • Sausalito FullSizeRender-9.jpgA quaint sea-side town, with cute shops and places to eat! Make sure to stop at “Fish” if you’re looking for some delicious fresh seafood! * Isn’t my nana just THE cutest!


  • Ghirardelli Square IMG_3655.JPGHelooooo delicious chocolate wonderland! We made a quick stop here on our last day is SF, had to get some FREE chocolate samples 😉 There are some cute local shops to explore and a beach to swim / play!  It is also close to the Maritime Museum, a National Park that has historical ships that you can explore.  ( I got us in for free with my Handicap National Park pass. My cousin and her husband had never been and we all ended up loving it!)IMG_3696.JPGCan you tell he LOVES the beach!? 




  • Boat Ride Tour of the Bay

IMG_3756.JPG Our last day in town was my birthday, and my sweet husband wanted to do something special. As we were walking through Fisherman’s wharf looking for lunch we heard some guys yelling about  Bay tours on his boat for $15! (WAY cheaper than the bigger companies!) So we went and it was AMAZING! *The guy we went with is located next to Castagnola’s Restaurant, He takes you under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz Island. The two guys running it are hilarious and knowledgable!* IMG_3749




We had an INCREDIBLE trip and can not wait to go back and explore some more!


The view from my cousins neighborhood! *Do we look a bit jet lagged?! *


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